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5 questions every Manufactured Homeowner should ask before buying their insurance

Navigating the insurance buying process can sometimes be confusing and tiresome. We’ve compiled some helpful questions and concerns you should keep in mind when you’re buying insurance for your manufactured home.


A Look at the Difference Between Replacement Cost, Actual Cash Value, and Stated Value

As every homeowner knows, the insurance process can be extremely difficult to navigate, and that difficulty increases when you have a mobile home. If you have recently purchased mobile home insurance or manufactured home insurance, or if you are looking to purchase a policy in the future, you are probably wondering what happens during the claims process. How exactly does your insurance provider determine how much they will pay you in the event of a loss?


How Much Does Mobile Home Insurance Cost?

Are you looking to insure your mobile home against possible damages? If you’re in need of an insurance policy that will adequately cover a mobile home, manufactured home, modular home, or park model home, you won’t want to just purchase a standard homeowners’ policy—you’ll want specialty coverage that accounts for your home’s unique needs. One of the questions you’re most likely to have, of course, is how much you should expect to pay for coverage. The price tag attached to mobile home insurance differs depending on a number of factors. These are some of the questions you’ll need to consider.


What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

If you’re the owner of a mobile home, you may have wondered how mobile home insurance differs from other forms of home insurance. After all, in order to protect yourself from possible losses, you’ll want to look for a comprehensive policy for your mobile home. Mobile or manufactured home insurance policies are relatively similar to standard policies for homeowners, but they are also unique enough that you’ll want to find a provider that specializes in covering mobile homes.


Who Has the Best Mobile Home Insurance?

Every homeowner needs the right insurance policy, and mobile homeowners are no exception! If you’re the proud owner of a mobile home, modular home, manufactured home, or Park Model Home, you may have had some trouble finding a policy that is appropriate for your needs. So, how can you find the right manufactured home insurance policy? There’s no simple answer—after all, every homeowner’s situation is different. Here are a few tips to help you find the best mobile home insurance policy to fit your needs.


A Comprehensive Guide About Mobile Home Insurance and Legal Damages If You Cause Harm to Others

You would want to protect everything that you value, and the most important things in life to safeguard include your home, your belongings, property, and money. So, mobile home insurance is an ideal way to cover your home and personal belongings. It also encompasses personal liability protection.


How Best to Prepare Your Mobile Home in Case of a Wildfire

Manufactured/Mobile homes are those that are constructed completely in a factory and then transported to be set into place on land, usually immovable after settlement. While mobile homes are as safe as on-site built homes, if situated in a hot climate or forestry, the danger of wildfire always lurks in the background.


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